Reporting on the Gezi protest movement

Here are links to some of the work I did for Radiobubble in May – June 2013, reporting on the Gezi protest movement.

During that time, there was a lot of information going around regarding developments in Turkey; verifying the truthfulness of this or that piece of information, and selecting whether to disseminate it, was a difficult task. The fact that the media in Turkey largely ignored the protests did not help. I used my knowledge of Turkish society and politics, followed closely what people that I already knew and trusted were saying on social media, met new people with whom I built trust through the social media (some I also met in person later on), and tried to report on what was going on in Turkey, in Greek, on behalf of Radiobubble. I sincerely believe that Radiobubble’s feed provided the best information available in Greek on Turkey during those days.


Teaching at Hackademy one year after the Gezi protests: “Social movements and the social media in Turkey”

A Radiobubble show where, as a guest, I talk about Turkey: (June 1, 2013)

Blog post put together from my tweets on the day’s events in Turkey: (June 5, 2013)

A blog post I wrote on newer developments in Turkey, along with my perception / evaluation of developments (and relevant links): (June 12, 2013)


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