I am a Turkologist and historian (PhD EHESS, 2013), with extensive experience in translation, teaching, and research, and some experience in digital projects and project management.

A Turkologist by training, I have an interest in, and a deep understanding of, anything Turkish: language, history, society, culture, everyday life, social media. My academic research has focused on late Ottoman and modern Turkish history, while I regularly write articles on contemporary political and social issues (with a focus on Turkey), and, thanks to my participation in Radiobubble & Hackademy, I have developed an interest in contemporary social movements and the new media. I understand, speak and write Turkish fluently; depending on the context, I can make use of idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms, or of academic terms and style. I am also able to fully understand and transmit cultural experience, as well as historical and cultural references.

Except for Turkey, I have also lived, studied, and worked in Greece, Cyprus, France, and Switzerland. I now live in the Netherlands. I am a good communicator with exceptional language skills: a profound understanding of language(s), the ability to write clearly and efficiently, and a talent in rendering nuances when translating. My native language is Greek, and I am also fluent in English and French; I am currently learning Dutch.

My blog is still under construction. I aim to post here all my work (translations, academic papers, opinion articles, blog posts, teaching material).